Getting Together Again

The ‘Chorlton Great Get Together Again’ Event – November 2019

A number of Chorlton residents had earlier come together in February 2019 with the shared intent of doing what we could on a personal level to live in a kinder and more connected community – in response to the growing polarisation, distrust and division around us near and far. 

We became known as ‘Chorlton Connected’ and our ‘coming out’ was in our creative Living Room in the middle of Wilbraham Road at the Great Chorlton Get Together in June 2019. The Living Room was our way to generate interest and ideas about how Chorlton could be a better place to live, work and play. Lots of conversations took place and so many ideas shared.

On 17th November we organised another get together, this time taking over the Edge Community Arts and Theatre space on Manchester Road in Chorlton who offered their great space for free. We were an open house for any resident, group, organisation or business to come together and take part in what was described as a kind of ‘living noticeboard’, recognising that so much is known only to those it is known to, and so much is not known by so many; information and connections are at the heart of addressing separation and division.

Our approach is through growing relationships, coming together, having fun. At the event we found out so much about what is going on and opportunities for us all to get involved- whether it be as a Good Neighbour, a climate activist, a friend of the green spaces, a performer (the young people from Chorlton High were brilliant) or how to combat Islamaphobia. 

A few hundred of us braved atrocious weather to spend time with each other, all agreeing that Chorlton benefits from any opportunity to come together with our collective energies, recognising we have more in common than we have that separates us.

Nick Dixon

If you want to find out more and help grow our Chorlton community, please contact Nick.