Our Aims, Objectives and Values

Co-operating, imagining, inventing and challenging


  • To build on, and bring together, the different groups and organisations with an interest in Chorlton-as-Place.
  • To strengthen ties between groups and organisations with an interest in Chorlton-as-Place.
  • To identify and coordinate the implementation of projects aimed at improving the vitality and viability of Chorlton.
  • To actively support and promote the City Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency in July 2019.
  • To be an independent point of contact and channel for information with regard to developments in Chorlton.


To be: an umbrella organisation to provide a channel for information to and from the community and to and from decision makers; to tackle local issues in a joined up way through the sharing of information and ideas.

To take opportunities: to seize the opportunities of proposed developments as they arise;  facilitate a fast response network; create a more secure, sustainable future for local businesses and their customers;  make the most of compatible events and opportunities. 

To  gain control through having a co-ordinated voice;  lobby and campaign knowing that as broad across section as possible have contributed; operate as a pressure group as needed; align around a common vision for Chorlton; influence developments and decision makers.

To learn: to meet and share  ideas, problems and solutions;  learn from each other; articulate community knowledge from the grass roots;  enable as many people as possible to understand local development s as they arise;  work together to design some principles for developments in Chorlton.


To achieve our objectives we will:

  • Co-operate
  • Be inclusive
  • Respect difference 
  • Address the  implications for local climate action plans at each meeting